Speaking at events is one of the greatest business skills you can learn. It will build your authority as a go-to expert, help market your business and raise your personal profile… as long as you do it well.

However, producing a persuasive presentation or speech is an investment; probably one of the greatest investments you can make. When you can produce compelling content and dynamic delivery your audiences will listen to what you say, understand why it’s important to them, and act on what you tell them.

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Holborn, London.

London - 14th November

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Bob Ferguson is a 3 times UK and Ireland Speech Champion who polished his speaking skills in the complex content world of space engineering. His early career was a mixture of industrial and small business management. As a result, he has used his speaking expertise to help businesses deliver compelling presentation for marketing and sales pitches. He also coaches novice speakers in their pursuit of professional speaking. Bob has 25 years speaking experience as a speaker and coach.  He is a certified World Class Speaker Coach, a member of the UK Guild of Speechwriters and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.

...and our host for the day...

Warren Cass is a professional speaker and best selling author on the subject of 'Influence & Communication'. He is also the founder of Thought Leaders Mastermind which brings speakers together for peer support and business development.


Professionals who want to use event speaking as a business asset. That may be to market your business, pitch to clients, or to spread your expertise as a professional speaker.

By using these techniques, you can:

  • Give platform speeches at major conferences to raise your, and your company’s, profile.
  • Attract prospects to speak to you after you’ve spoken.
  • Integrate speaking as a part of your content marketing strategy to make it easy to write and speak.
  • Encourage your staff to market your business effectively.
  • Build confidence in your staff.
  • Be prepared for short notice speeches.
  • Easily customise your presentations for any audience.
  • Become the go to speaker when event planners want an expert.

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What does it cover?

Are you unsure what to say to persuade your audience?
The biggest block to speaking is not knowing what to say, but understanding how to craft a speech will make it easy.

Have you ever spoken and wondered why the audience didn’t take the action you wanted?
The weakest speakers don’t include the messages that cause the audience to act and yet it’s straightforward to put compelling messages into any speech.

Are you concerned what presentation style will suit your audience?
It’s straightforward with a little knowledge to customise your presentation to reach any audience.

These questions will be answered on the day.

What you’ll get at from the session

  • How to use the power of stories to persuade audiences to act. Learn the structure of stories, why it’s so effective and how to craft key elements into your speech
  • How to structure presentations so that they’re easy to write and deliver. Understanding logical structure is the key to removing writers block forever.
  • The three things you must have in your opening. How to captivate your audience from the start and hold their attention throughout your presentation.
  • Deliver engaging presentations that keep your audience on the edge of their seat. The key element that ensures audience engagement and desire to know more.
  • Understand how to get your audience to put your solutions in their world. How to make sure that what works for you will work for them too.
  • How to build effective transitions between sections of your speech. If you link sections of your presentation properly the audience will remember your material better and be teased to look forward to the next section.
  • How to add humour naturally to any speech. Humour is the oil in an engine. It will keep your audience listening happily and attentively
  • How to rehearse so that you don’t sound rehearsed. How to engage all the senses in your rehearsal so that your speaking sounds natural and relaxed.
  • How to build a system that allows you to deliver customised speeches at short notice. Capture and customise your material in a way you can use for any occasion.
  • How to use PowerPoint effectively. Make slides the audience’s friend not their tranquiliser!

What attendees at Bob’s last workshop said


Every attendee will have an article featured in the Champions of Small Business magazine raising your profile.

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